MynkoshWe call ourselves engineers turned ‘game scientists’ :)

Real Fun Happens with Real People in Real Life!

We are a group of buddies - who thoroughly enjoy all sorts of real life games and value the importance of physical health.
What we believe in -
a - Laughter is the best medicine.
b - Play & Apples is what keeps doctors away.

And so, we are out to make happen what we believe in.A society where prosperity is counted by the laughs we have had.

We have begun our journey with the Delhi region and we believe the bug of games will soon spread all over the nation. For now, if you happen to be in NCR, you too can call us at your place and give us a chance to remind you what Real Fun feels like! Sometimes, we also organize game events in parks across Delhi region - for FREE - just to enjoy ourselves and spread the fever of Real-Life-Play. You can find the link to event galleries - above.

We specialize in all styles of events from company and family fun days, promotional events, fetes, community open days and private functions. Please visit our Galleries for examples of just some of the work we have conducted recently. We are experienced in engaging audience sizes of up-to 500 guests

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Games classification

FUN for All Age

A physical warmup fun games with fun twist and how many calories does laughter use?

Motivational & Team Building

These games are best described as team building challenges that focus more on planning, problem solving, and creative thinking, than on physical ability.

Educational & Scientific

We all have a student in us, and love to learn while playing. Both are actually un-detachable! These games are for schools & college students & for brainzz!


Games designed specially for party occassions, where people will enjoy food + music + dance + our GAME